Context helps organizations thrive by identifying the people they need to reach to be successful, designing strategies to engage them, and creating content that inspires them to act.

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How we help organizations communicate with confidence

At Context, we use a holistic approach to communications and marketing that helps organizations succeed. We do this by blending the creative and technical to ensure organizations are reaching the people most important to their success.

Context’s approach to communications and marketing means that our work is focused on meeting each organization’s unique needs. As a full-service communication and consulting firm our work spans a wide range of projects.

Digital Capacity Building

For organizations that want to increase traffic to their website, grow their email list, and expand their reach on social media.

Communication & Marketing Plans

Our plans provide organizations with a roadmap to understand who they need to engage, why they need to reach them, and how to move them to action.

Marketing & Advocacy Campaigns

Whether an organization is trying to change people’s minds or sell more widgets our campaigns use the power of the web, social media, email, and digital advertising to connect and engage people.


Content Marketing

Our content marketing campaigns harness the power of SEO and social media and are optimized to deliver results for years to come.

Interested in Working Together

Together We Can Build Digital Capacity Design Amazing Websites Raise Money Online Connect With Audiences Change People's Minds Win Social Media

Finding the Right People

To be successful in a digital world every organization, whether it’s a business or a nonprofit, has a group of people it needs to reach and actions it needs them to take to be successful. 

To reach the people that matter the most to an organization’s success Context uses people’s demographics, interests, and behaviors to build target audiences.

Having a defined target audience allows organizations to test different messages, types of content, and platforms to understand the most effective way to move people to action.

Content that Resonates

For an organization to build a lasting connection with its target audience it needs to develop a narrative that resonates and creative content that keeps people engaged.

At Context, we use data to inform the creative process to ensure the content we create inspires an organization’s audience to take action. 

Context’s creative work includes content marketing, advertising campaigns, videos, grant proposals, online and traditional fundraising campaigns, newsletters, visuals, graphics, reports, and more. 

Being Seen

No matter how good an organization’s creative materials are it doesn’t matter if no one sees them.

That’s why we work with organizations to distribute their content across owned, earned, and paid media channels. 

From social media to content marketing, to online ads, to direct mail, to media tours we’ve done it all and understand how to help each organization find the right approach for their needs. 

Data Driven Decision Making

The more an organization understands how to collect and use data the more likely it is to succeed.

Context works with organizations to set up the tools they need to collect, organize, and utilize their data to provide key decision makers with the information they need to understand what’s working, what can be improved, and what can be let go.

To help organizations utilize their data Context builds interactive dashboards that gather data from across an organization to provide meaningful insights.

Digital Foundation

For organizations to be successful communicators they need a solid digital foundation. From website design to analytics, to SEO, to advertising campaigns Context has the skills and knowledge to ensure an organization has the digital tools and expertise to succeed.

Website Design

Context builds fast, beautiful websites designed to help organizations connect with their target audience. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Context uses an organization's goals to develop a SEO plan that fits its priorities and respects its available resources.

Online Fundraising

Context helps organizations grow their pool of potential donors, engage current donors, increase conversion rates, and optimize their website and social media to drive donations.

Multilingual Websites

If your organization’s clients and customers speak multiple languages, so should your website. 

Who We Work With

Context works with a wide range of organizations including nonprofits, small businesses, foundations, associations, and campaigns.

We work on a wide range of projects that vary in size. Drop us a line to chat about your organization’s needs.

Why Work With Us

At Context, we work with organizations to help them streamline their communications and marketing to make sure the organization’s resources are focused on helping it succeed.  Our holistic approach ensures an organization:

  • Has a clear roadmap for success.
  • Is reaching the people who matter the most.
  • Has data to make informed decisions.
  • Is maximizing its investment in time and resources.
  • Has the technical and creative sides of its communications activities are working together.

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