Digital Foundation

Having a solid foundation allows organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their communications and marketing work

For an organization to be successful, it needs to have a solid digital foundation. Having a solid foundation allows an organization to maximize the effectiveness of its communications and marketing work.

To help an organization build a solid digital foundation Context works with them to ensure the technical side of their website, social media, and other digital tools are optimized for user experience, collect meaningful data, and are aligned with the organization’s overall goals.

In the same way, the foundation and framing in a house provide the structure and support the house needs for people to live in it, a digital foundation provides the structure and systems an organization needs to communicate its message.

Build Your Organization's Digital Foundation

Context’s unique approach to digital capacity helps organizations succeed by focusing on the connection between an organization’s goals and its target audience. We use a three-step process to ensure an organization has a solid digital foundation.

1. Make sure that each tool is set-up to help the organization achieve its goals. Identify any areas where an organization is missing a tool or service that leaves a gap in its foundation.

2. Connect tools and services so they can work together. Connecting an organization’s online tools improves its ability to communicate with people.

3. Bring data from the tools and services together and organize it into a dashboard. This helps an organization ensure everything is working and provides data to make informed decisions.


At Context, we take an integrated approach to helping organizations build their digital foundation. This includes building websites from the ground up or refreshing those that need a little work, implementing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, social media, list building, analytics, online advertising, and e-commerce.

The more solid an organization’s digital foundation is, the easier it is to increase its digital capacity and its ability to succeed.

Website Design & Optimization

Whether an organization is looking for a new website or wants to refresh an existing one Context can help. Context designs websites to serve as digital hubs by ensuring everything about them, from the content on the front end to the plugins in the back, are helping the organization succeed.

Context’s unique approach to designing websites helps organizations succeed by focusing on the connection between an organization’s goals, its target audience, and its creative content. Using sites as digital hubs let them be a jumping-off point for social media, collecting data that provides meaning insights, and telling the organization’s story.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As people spend more and more time online, on-page, off-page, and technical SEO have moved from something nice to have for small businesses and nonprofits to must-haves.

At Context, we use an organization’s goals to develop an SEO plan that fits its priorities and respects its available resources.

Context shapes our SEO plans for each organization’s needs, setting clear goals for content creation, cleanup, technical work, and keyword tracking.


Multilingual Sites

At Context, we help organizations turn their websites and content into multiple languages.

The tools and process for doing this are surprisingly easy to use, affordable and can be used on an ongoing basis whether an organization has a bilingual staff or not. 

If your organization’s clients and customers speak multiple languages, so should your website. 

List Building

Having a solid list building strategy is critical to an organization’s long-term success.

At Context, we identify the most effective strategies for each organization to use to build their list and then utilize the list to succeed.

Digital Marketing Coaching

For organizations, consultants, and others who want to develop their skills, Context provides ongoing coaching. Our coaching program focuses on helping clients expand their reach online and includes help with digital marketing, SEO, analytics, social media.

Digital coaching is perfect for consultants who want to expand their reach while creating their own content.

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